20 Ways To Use QR Codes Correctly

Custom, Colored QR Code

Custom, Colored QR Code

At Manna Design Works, we think QR Codes are a great tool.  This article does a great job explaining why they are just that:  a tool, not an entire marketing solution.  Like all good tools, they have their strengths and weaknesses.  They can be extremely effective when used for the right job, but when used in the wrong way or for the wrong purposes, they are pretty useless.  After you read the article, take a look at Manna’s Free QR Code creator, then give us a call and we can discuss some creative ways to use QR Codes for your NJ Business or Non-Profit.

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By Sean X Cummings   @ www.imediaconnection.com

Every business or startup positioning itself around QR codes will be out of business in four years. Venture capitalists who invest in these companies are first class suckers. Look, it’s obvious that QR codes are increasingly being used to capture consumers’ attention; you cannot swing a dead cat in San Francisco without hitting 10 of them. However, the barriers to universal adoption are just too high for them to be anything other than a tool, and a clunky one at that. They are a tactic, not a business strategy, and tactics are only useful as long as there are creative uses that inspire and delight people.

Before you engage in any creative digital strategy, ask yourself: What does success look like? That question will help inform how you should be connecting with your consumers, what the purpose of the efforts is, and what the barriers to adoption are. Whatever you do, do not ask the question:What could we do with QR codes? This question informs nothing. It is a solution looking for a problem, and that type of thinking is the myopic purview of those who understand little about technology and even less about what marketing, advertising, and digital strategists like me do for a brand.

It is not about QR codes, it never will be. “QR code” is never the answer. Connecting with your consumers in a meaningful way is the answer. QR codes will never be more than a conduit to that answer. If you do not understand that, then please hire and listen to someone who does.

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