Fresh, branded content is the number one driver of most sales and marketing efforts today.

What are you sending out?

It takes more than just a single brochure or social media post to promote your business successfully and guide a prospect through the buying process. Accordingly, you need a library of high-quality, branded sales support material in multiple formats and mediums to fuel marketing campaigns and daily sales efforts.

When handled internally, this requires a tremendous amount of time, expertise, and creativity, which most organizations simply don’t have. To help with this challenge, we use our GoFlex 360 System to provide the content, guidance, and services you need to power your sales efforts and engage your customers.

Why You Need More Content!

The majority of marketers agree that content helps in boosting engagement with customers. According to statistics from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. In addition to that, a recent Twitter research revealed that 94% of users plan to make a purchase from a business they follow.

Interactive Kiosk Displays

Animated Explainer Videos

Digital Sales Presentations

Targeted Landing Pages

Article & Blog Writing

Video Content & Testimonials

Social Media Posts

Sales Brochures & Collateral

Product & Service Sheets

White Papers & Case Studies

Email Templates & Newsletters

Graphics & Infographics

Learn how we can power up your sales efforts with loads of great content!

The Foundation

A Solid Start For Long-Term Success

Content Strategy & Training

Good content marketing isn’t just about creating tons of material. A library of quality material doesn’t help sales if it isn’t part of a detailed action plan on how and when to use it. Content Strategy and Planning starts with identifying each of your target audiences and then matching them with specific sales funnels.

Once that is in place, together, we can determine exactly what material you already have and what holes you need to fill. The last part of the content strategy and planning effort is to train your team on what resources are available and how to access them.

Content Creation & Revival

Fuel your sales performance with custom-branded content incorporating creative visuals and powerful messaging to capture your audience’s attention. We can effectively use copywriting, graphic design, and video to tell your story, draw in your audience and keep them engaged. An engaged audience is far more likely to consider buying from your brand when the time to purchase is right.

To maximize our efforts, we don’t just focus on new content. Most organizations have a load of old content that could be perfectly viable and relevant with just a little tweaking. This combination of new and re-purposed is the key affordable content.

Multi-Channel Deployment

Once you have a plan and your new content is ready to go, we deploy it across multiple marketing channels. Brochures are turned into email templates, sales sheets are reworked into landing pages, and press releases become blog and social media posts. This multi-channel approach provides your sales team with the branded content they need to reach their prospects wherever they are found.

By proactively putting that content in multiple formats, you avoid the time wasted by your team when they try to do it themselves. You also control the quality of the material created, which is essential for a polished image.

The Execution

Putting Your Content To Work

The Sales Arsenal

This concept is critical to any “Sales Enablement and Empowerment” initiative. Studies have shown salespeople spend, on average, 440 hours every year looking for the right content to send prospects. We can create an arsenal of materials specifically developed to engage prospects at each phase of the sales process.

Instead of wasting time looking for something to send a hot lead, your sales team can spend that time talking to more people. Having the material readily available to quickly or, even better, automatically send will speed up the sales cycle and help you beat your competition to the punch.

Content for SEO

Content creation is the cornerstone of improving your search engine optimization and, thereby, your search ranking. Google, as well as the other search engines, all rate your site primarily on the volume and quality of the content. If you want to rank well for a particular term, your site must talk about that term – a lot.

Good SEO content is a mix of written and visual elements, including articles, FAQs, case studies, company news, industry news, infographics, and videos. Our writers and designers will provide all the content your site needs to rank well. All you need to do is provide some guidelines to get us started, and we’ll handle the rest.

Content for Social Media

Social media is a powerful way to stay connected with current and future customers. The biggest problem most companies face when implementing a social campaign is coming up with content to post. That’s where we can help. After getting a good feel for who your audience is and what they’re interested in, we’ll go to work creating all the content your team needs to feed a consistent, on-message, branded campaign. The content will include company announcements, holiday messages, industry and business news, special offers, fun facts, and general marketing/sales messages.

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“The team did an absolutely stellar job on my company’s web redesign. From the initial vision to the final delivery, the process was smooth, professional and efficient. 

Monika Pollick
Director of Client Success, Moven


Successful B2B Marketers Have a Content Marketing Strategy


Of B2B Organizations Outsource Content Creation


Of Buyers Trust Branded Content Over Traditional Advertising


Increase in Landing Page Conversions When Including a Video

We’re a Full-service Content Marketing Agency

Mach4 Design is a leading content marketing agency with 19 years of experience creating effective branded content, even before “Content Marketing” became a buzzword.

Content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies any business can engage, which is why every successful marketer uses it. By creating insightful and highly relevant content, our content marketing team will help you establish a solid and credible brand presence in your niche.

Our approach is to understand your business, what your audience is looking for, and what competitors in your industry are talking about. Combining this information with our in-depth research skills, we can create highly targeted content that speaks to your audience in your brand’s tone. Over time, you will become an authority and a voice to reckon with in your niche.


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