How We

We use a FLEXible system of business-focused creative services to improve ROI, close more sales and enhance your reputation.

It’s not just about pretty postcards and amazing websites…

We solve marketing problems and maximize sales opportunities.

While a lot of what we do comes down to the design and marketing services we offer, the real answer is ‘we solve problems and maximize opportunities’.  By focusing on the bigger, business picture and not starting at the service level, we’re able to provide a much more results-focused end result.

If you want to increase sales and you hire a “web guy” to build you a new website; you get a new website. It doesn’t mean your sales will increase.

If you hire Cynergy to build you a website, the first thing we’ll do is ask ‘Why?’  What are you really trying to do? Then we’ll dive into what the new website will need to accomplish the big-picture goals. Whatever they may be.

When a client comes to us with a challenge or an opportunity, we combine our business experience with our marketing expertise and come up with the best solution to solve the total problem and not just ‘band aid’ the symptom.

Problems We Solve

Missing Talent
Or Expertise

The scope of capabilities and knowledge required to navigate all the varied marketing mediums in today’s business world is staggering.  Most businesses don’t have an in-house expert in all those areas. We can provide the needed expertise in niche specialties to supplement your team.

Loss of In-House
Marketing Talent

Many companies are being forced to down-size their in-house marketing or design teams.  We can step in and fill that void bringing an entire team with varied expertise.

New Competitor

There’s a new guy on the block and he’s getting a lot of attention. You can hope your customers stay loyal or you can use targeted marketing to stay in front of them and keep them buying from you.

Poor Website

You launched a new website, but your sales haven’t increased a bit. This is a common problem we see. Our marketing experts can make your site a conversion powerhouse.

Sales Materials

From the brochure that doesn’t have your latest products to the sales folder that uses the old logo. Our design team can work up a new set of sales material to put your best foot forward.

Loss Of
Market Share

Markets change and brand loyalty can be hard to maintain. Regardless of the reason, when you find yourself with a shrinking slice of the pie, our marketers and designers can help.

Overall Low Sales
Or Profits

Perhaps the problem is a little bit of everything, with the bottom line being you need more sales. We’ll take a methodic approach to seeing what is working and what needs to be fixed.


Drop us a line and one of our marketing gurus will respond as soon as possible ~ usually same day!

“EBE likes to work with [Cynergy] because they think along the same lines as us, ‘Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.’ [Cynergy] always keeps it fresh!

Mike Gendler
Owner, EBE Talent


New Product Launch

Fantastic! You have a new product that the customers will love.  Now you need to get the word out and tell the world about it.  With out good marketing your potential profits will suffer.

Loss of a Competitor

Companies are closing all the time.  Someone needs to fill the void their absence will create.  An aggressive campaign can empower you to grab much more of that market than just waiting.

New Location or Territory

Like launching a new product, you went through a lot of effort and money to open a new location.  Get it up to speed with a boost of geographically targeted marketing.

Production Capacity Increase

The efficiency of your production team is setting records!  Now you need to ramp up your sales to move the increase in product.

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