Keeping Online Fraud at Bay


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LOCK  ICON redIf you’re an owner of an e-commerce website you are no stranger to the worry of fraud.  This is especially true during the holidays as consumers are shopping ’til they drop — and then some.  The best way to set aside your fears is to make sure you put the right protection in place from day one.  That begins with selecting the right firm to create your site and monitor its security on an ongoing basis.  At Manna, we are security experts and specialize in e-commerce sites.  We welcome your questions and would be happy to explain the process we use for keeping our customers and their businesses fraud free.

In the meantime, we wanted to share the article previewed below.  It was published on and provides 15 great tips on protecting your site.   It’s not a brand new article, but the information it provides is still accurate and relevant.  Contact us today to find out more.

15 Ways to Protect Your E-Commerce Site from Hacking and Fraud

By: Jennifer L. Schiff

It seems you cannot go a day without hearing about someone or some group hacking a website or stealing credit card and other sensitive data from ecommerce sites.

So how do you protect your ecommerce site from being hacked and sensitive customer data from being stolen? asked dozens of ecommerce and security experts to find out. Following are their top 15 tips for protecting your ecommerce site from hacking and fraud.  Read more

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