Should My Website Be Fully Responsive?

Without a doubt!  The mobile market is getting bigger with each passing day.  In fact, the time spent on mobile media is now greater than on desktop computers.  People are on the move and want their information with them at all times.  For that reason, we recommend that all new websites be fully responsive.  In the long run, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment.  This article, which appeared in the Strong Social blog, provides some additional insight.  If you are looking for some guidance on an existing site, or want  to start fresh, call anytime with questions.

How to Optimise a Website for Multi-Device Browsing

Budget is a key consideration for businesses looking to optimise their web presence for mobile and building a few mobile-specific templates

Websites must be optimized for mobile

Having a beautifully designed, mobile website design is critical for a good user experience.

has the benefit of requiring less up-front financial investment.  In general, not all content will or can be viewed on a mobile device, so the most prudent method is to analyse current web traffic and identify the pages most viewed on mobile devices.

Looking at bounce rates and the length of time visitors spend on a page can help establish engagement levels. Then, having identified the best performers, it’s possible to build templates just for these select pages. This is a good short-term solution on a low budget, however, long term it can be more complex as it effectively creates two sites that will, over time, cost more to maintain. Read more here