WordPress Website for ESI Electornics of Williamstown, New Jersey

esi electronics nj wordpress websiteMarket3 recently launched an NJ electrical manufacturing website for ESI Electronics!

For over 25 years, ESI Electronics has provided quality workmanship to a variety of aerospace, electronics, medical and manufacturing companies. ESI specializes in designing and building custom prototypes, optimizing wire harness, cable and turnkey assemblies. Their team of highly skilled engineers provides attentive service and oversight throughout the design and production process. They’re committed to quality manufacturing workmanship, realistic production cost, and fast turnaround to meet their customer’s needs. 

New Jersey Web Design for an NJ Electrical Manufacturer

Our New Jersey web design team took ESI Electronics’ customers into consideration when designing their new WordPress website. The new site is user-friendly and provides a better user experience for visitors. Customers have the ability to place an order using an extensive product information form.  Other features include a homepage slider, an easy to navigate menu, and a responsive contact page.

Fully Customized WordPress Website for ESI Electronics

esi electronics new jersey electrical manufacturing website

ESI Electornics’ new WordPress website was built on a content management system (CMS) which gives the client full updating capabilities. These abilities include uploading content, videos, photos, and more. The responsive design and jQuery slideshow feature is compatible with all mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, smartphones, and tablets.


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Our COO Robert Harrington has been Named to join Rutger’s Advisory Board for the Design Thinking Program.


It is our pleasure to announce that our Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Manager, Robert Harrington has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the Design Thinking Program at the Rutgers University of Center for Innovation Education.  Robert will be working with Rutgers faculty and fellow board memebers in enhancing the program and helping with its goal of combining business and academia in the field of user interface design, graphic design, digital design, and product design.  He will be sharing his expertise and experience in commercial design through participation in board meetings, Expert Panels and, contributing to the Leadership Blog.

Robert W. Harrington
COO and Partner

“This is quite an honor,” Harrington commented. “It is another example of our commitment to constantly seeking ways to merge the concepts of award-winning design and solid, profit-focused business practices, while giving back to the professional educaction community in our fields.”

It is another example of our commitment to constantly seeking ways to merge the concepts of award-winning design and solid, profit-focused business practices

The Design Thinking program is designed for individuals and teams who influence customers at their firm and are empowered to drive new initiatives within their respective organizations. Throughout the Design Thinking experience, executives learn to employ a set of methods and understand human behavior in order to generate deep insights, articulate needs and desires, develop design solutions, and finally critique and test their solutions.

About Rutgers Design Thinking Program

The Design Thinking Certificate Program at Rutgers University focuses on innovative thinking as a means of designing products and services. Executives will learn new ways to manage complexity, serve human needs, and create sustainable products that serve both people and business alike. Throughout the program they’ll be guided by professional designers and educators who are experts in their field. The project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum will break into small teams, building a project from beginning to end. The format is designed to train and develop your technical and analytical skills, as well as Design Thinking leadership insights you will need to move innovation initiatives forward within an organization.

The Curriculum

The Design Thinking Certificate Program at Rutgers is offered as a hands-on, 4-day immersion program or an 8-week online program.  Executives will to apply principles that drive innovation, using techniques developed by top firms, while our faculty experts guide them through every step.

About Mach4 Design

Mach4 Design offers a diverse range of consulting, managed services, and business intelligence across domains, including finance, marketing, HR, and automation, underpinned by technology and data solutions. We help companies meet their operational requirements and growth strategies by improving their work processes to generate productivity gains and scale value for their customers and workforce.

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