Here are some links to view some very helpful videos about how to use WordPress. We’ll be reviewing the site more in-depth during training, but this will give you a general understanding of how to use the software. We encourage you to watch the videos before training so you can ask as many questions as possible!

WordPress Website Content Management

The WordPress Dashboard

Managing WordPress Websites: Editing Your Website Content

Editing WordPress Pages and Posts (News Articles)

Using the WordPress Visual Editor

Converting a Page from Default Editor to Divi Builder

Adding a New Post/Page to your WordPress Website

Creating Web Links (Hyperlinks) in you WordPress Website

Managing WordPress Websites: Adding and Editing Website Images

Uploading and Editing Images 

Adding an Image to a Table

Managing WordPress Websites:Website Administration

Adding and Managing Users in WordPress

Divi Advanced WordPress Editor & Page Builder

Here is an overview video on the Divi system – the page builder we used to build your website.

Here is a playlist of tutorials for the Divi page builder system.  There are a lot of videos, but you can select just the ones that apply.

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